Thursday, May 24, 2012

Letters to Our Little Baby

Hi little baby,

Even though I haven't written much about you, I want you to know I think about you all the time. I'm so glad you've chosen to join this family. I think about how God knew you before you "were", God's "eye[s] saw [your] unformed body" (Psalm 139:16). That gives me a deep sense of joy knowing that your soul was paired with this family and me before you were even conceived!

Aveah, your big sister, loves you so much already! She's always thinking of you - she asks, Is baby coming?, when we go somewhere (as if you'd decide to just stay home this one time!). She kisses you and tries to feed you (through the skin of my belly). The other day she was playing with you by pushing gently on my belly. Immediately, you responded and pushed back - it was amazing! I realized how much you two already have connected! I knew that you were playing back with her.

Right now, we have your name picked as "Judah Sky" for a boy, and "Mila Olive" for a girl.  I have no idea what you are!  My head says it's a girl, but my gut says it's a boy.  I can't believe we haven't found out what gender you are - but that's okay - it makes me that much more excited to meet you!

It's strange how much I love you already.  It's a blessing of the second child for the parent to know, really know that there is a real human being in there - whereas with your first child, it seems very abstract.  I'm really treasuring these moments I still have you in my belly.  I know that these are some of the closest moments I will ever be to you: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Mothers are truly blessed chalices.

Thank you, Baby, for choosing us and for being with us right now.

                                                                       . . .

Hey little one,

This is your dad, and I'm writing to you so you can look back at this when you're older and know how it was going with me when you were just a bun in the oven. I want you to know that the experience and feeling I have toward you is primarily peaceful. You, too, seem comfortable in the place where you're at and so far, have made this experience a relatively comfortable one for your mother who often says that she would be content to just stay pregnant with you (so I guess her peace has quite a bit of influence on mine). And even though I haven't experienced you nearly at the depth as she has, and don't know your gender (I wanted to find out beforehand, but your mom wanted to make it a surprise so I gave in, since she deserved it, of course), I'm aware of your uniqueness. Your introduction to others-- by your mother's looming belly-- brings joy to people who always remark how cute this belly is. I'm looking forward to knowing your personality and experiencing the joys and passions of this life with you. Let's do some awesome things together. Let's envision big and be involved in making those things happen in this small world. I wrote over you (literally, on your mother's belly), a few things I hope for you- peacefulness, joy in your inmost being, faithfulness to God, strength to do good things, a healthy mind and body, a giving attitude and way of living, to be present with people and understanding of them, and to be active in this world.

I hope you and I will love each other and understand one another for the rest of our lives. You're joining our team now and I welcome you as an important part of us.

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