Sunday, May 13, 2012

Avi is now 2 and 3/4 years old.  She's starting to have full conversations with us (though we are always surprised where they lead - figuring out the mind of two year old is a mystery!)  For example, the other day she sneezed while she was holding Michael's cell phone, and she said "I blessed you all over the phone!"  She's still getting the hang of English grammar and says adorable things like, "Who is my eyebrows?"  Sometimes we can't understand her fully.  I swear the other day she was pretending to take a picture, "Snap, snap" Avi said.  I asked, "Are you taking a picture?"  "Yeah," she said, "of that red bear poop."  Of course she either made that up or I couldn't understand what she said, but it made me bust out laughing either way!   Oh, how I love this little girl!

She loves her friends and pretend friends (like her stuffed animals and babies).  She is very thoughtful and kind.  She loves her grammies and grampies very much!  She always wants to go swimming and to Trader Joe's (she says, Trader Droe's).  She enjoys fruit and meat - she could live off of these two things.

She likes to tell everyone she meets, "I'm having a baby" (and why shouldn't she, everyone says to her - after they see Mama's big belly - "Oh, are you have a baby?"  She loves to kiss and hug and even share her lollipops with the baby.  She is always thinking of the baby, like the other day we were getting into our swimsuits to go swimming and Avi asked sincerely, "Is the baby going swimming, too?"  Awwww.... She's going to be a great big sister!
Mommy's homemade all-fruit popsicles. She likes to eat them outside with the warm sun on her back.

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