Friday, May 18, 2012

Private's Beach

We had a little family gathering the other weekend at Brant's house.  Mimi & Boppy came and of course Finn, Brant and Aryn were there too!  We spent 5 hours on Saturday afternoon doing absolutely nothing but hanging out on the beach - it was great!  Avi learned to chase waves with Mimi and Baby Finn took a nap while his parents went out surfing.  Even 7-month pregnant Maren got out on the paddle board (though she admits it was hard hopping back on with her belly after falling into the water)!
 Best of buddies already!

 It's cool having an uncle like Dee-Dee!

One happy, sandy family!  Brant, 10-month-old Finn, and Aryn.

Avi is so ready for the waves!

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