Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Heirlooms, 2012

Thanks to our photographer friend, Rachel Neumann, who took these pictures for us.  We treasure these growing memories every year!  
Michael wanted there to be a theme with this years shoot.  He wanted it to look like we were traveling together (embarking on this new adventure of adding a fourth to our family).  At the same time, I love how the dunes setting cooperated and blows out everything else, so that our little space and our family look like a self-contained little universe unto ourselves.  We are so happy together - the 3.5 of us, so I really like how this is portrayed in the images.

This is one of Maren's favorites - she's getting so much love!

 8.5 months pregnant.  Ah, the joy of the fullness of life!

 This is how Maren has to hug Michael while there's a baby belly between us: she has to stand about 2 feet away, then bend in so that her chest and face touches Michael.  It's quite uncomfortable and hugs don't last too long at this stage of pregnancy!