Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blessing Way for Baby

Sitti and Avi in matching aprons getting watermelon cut for the party!

I'm so blessed that my mom and grandma are both here with me!

Ashley, Anna, Gail, Eden, Hannah, Naomi, Helena, Amie and Sitti Jules!

Stephanie Ricceri, Lois, Steph Wald, Caity, Susan, Ashley and Anna.

Amy Leach (who hosted the ceremony part) is soaking my feet in herbs and warm rose water.  Lovely!

The "maidens" Kelly, Hannah, Naomi and Eden - tasked to wash my feet.

Mothers Chris Hoffman and Lois softening my feet with blue cornmeal.

My mothers were given the tradition of "changing" my hair symbolizing this change that is about to take place in my life with the new baby.

Mimi brushed my hair and Sitti pinned it back.  Thanks, Sitti and Mimi for coming all the way from Fresno for this blessing way - you really helped make the afternoon special to me!

The final ceremonial deed - stringing symbolic beads on a necklace for me.  Thanks everyone for your stories and heart felt love that went with each bead.