Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finals: Swim Survival

 After four weeks and 16 lessons, Aveah was ready to go into the pool with her "winter" clothes on a practice survival swimming: the swim, float, swim, float rotation and be able to reach the edge of the pool.   She did great!  No problem at all!  Thanks to Sitti & James, Peggy & Paul, and teacher Steffi who made this possible!

Steffi would "through" her into the water and Avi would immediately find "starfish" her float.

Then, after she's rested and caught her breath, she'd roll over and swim a bit.  Here she's beginning to roll over.

This is her after she's swam a bit and coming back into a float.  Her face is about to surface.  Look at how calm she looks even though she's underwater - it reminds me of the first pictures we have of her face underwater when she was being born - completely calm just like this.

She's now surfaced and taking a breath.

...and now she's completely floating again.

Playing in the warm jacuzzi afterwards in her goggles.

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  1. This is amazing! I'd love Ollie to learn this. What's it called?