Monday, December 12, 2011

Two Years and Four Months Old

We are so blessed that we have the skills and the equipment to do "mini photo shoots" whenever we want. Here's a mini shoot in the Euctalyptus grove near our house.  

Avi loves to go barefoot.  Even in the early morning on our cold tile floor.  I don't know how she stands it!

She loves playing in sand and dirt.  

She's talking so much now.  Sometimes, she gets this far-away-look in her eye and tells you a story of something that happened in her life recently.

She's silly. She knows it.  And we love it!

She can hop and skip.

Her hair is getting long, but she hates wearing it up.  It's almost always crazy and in her face because that's how she likes it.  She let me put a ponytail (or hair tail, as she calls it) in for this shoot.  

She can run fast!  We've gotta stay on our toes!

She loves hugs and kisses.  She constantly is carrying around a doll or stuffed animal and giving it hugs and kisses to make it feel better.  She's a compassionate and caring human being.

She loves getting swung around in the air by her hands.  

She's going places.  She often tells us she's going to "work" or going to "yoga" - two places we go a lot!

One of Avi's favorite "alone time" games is to talk to and care for her baby dolls (Baby Jesus and Baby Ruby - she named the former, Mommy named the later - I didn't want to have Baby Mohammed and Baby Jesus in the same room together)!  She loves to cuddle them, soothe them, sing to them and feed them.  She really is a sweet "mommy."

She loves being carried.  "Hold you, Daddy" is what she says when she wants to be in your arms.

She loves going barefoot, bare-armed, bare-butt, bare-everything pretty much!  (Though she does like wearing dresses!)  Before I had kids, and I heard parents say something like, "I can't get him to put a coat on!", I'd think to myself, Well, you're the parent, just put it on him!  Well, that's true up until they learn how to undress themselves - then there's really no way to keep anything on they don't want!  Avi is potty trained, but still wears a diaper when sleeping.  Well, once she learned how to remove her diaper we had a naked wet baby every afternoon after her nap time!  What could I do?!  The current answer: bribery.  If she wakes up with her diaper still on she gets a lollipop - one of her favorite things in the world.  So much for being a "perfect parent!"

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