Monday, December 19, 2011

Lighted Boat Parade, 2011

 In what's becoming a family tradition, we went to watch the Lighted Boat Parade in Morro Bay in early December.  Brant, Aryn and Finn came to visit, and Eric, Pam, Kelly and Pam's sister was there, too.  We babysat Avi's friend, Millie, so she got to join in the fun, too!

Baby Finn tried to fit into Avi's jacket - he wasn't to happy about it.  But actually he filled it out pretty good considering the 2-year age difference!

Michael dutifully made spiked hot chocolate for everyone (except the kids)!

 Avi and Millie sooned learned to scream "Merry Christmas" at every boat that passed by!

 One of my favorite parts is to see the gorgeous reflections on the water.

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