Saturday, December 10, 2011

Refugio Friend Vacation

 Before checking at the campground, we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo.  Avi is yelling "hi" to the monkeys.

 Taking a nap on the car ride from the zoo to the campground.  All the yelling at those animals must have tired her out!

Boys surfing adventure.

Avi is comparing bellies with very pregnant Corrin.

Peeling 6 or more avocados.
We each took turns preparing a meal.  I cooked bean and veggie burritos the first night. 

 Playing "sleeping" with her friends.

 Sarah Roos with 3 happy kids.

 One happy Avi!

 (... and a few seconds later) one unhappy Avi...

Josh catching a wave as pregnant Corrin and little Macy watch from the nearby rocks. 

 Avi watching the surfers.  Soon she'll be out there, too!


The boys doing morning yoga with the girls.

In the morning, the boys would watch the kids and us ladies would hang out in Corrin's camper and drink coffee, chat, and play board games... totally relaxing because it felt so "luxurious" to do something completely unproductive. Ahhh...

 Avi favorite moment of the day was waking up, and looking out the window and seeing her friends right outside.  Here she couldn't wait to put clothes on - she just dashed outside to begin the day playing with her friends.

3 camper vans/RVs, 6 adults, 3 kids, 3 surfboards, 3 tricycles, 3- 4 plastic potties... What more do you need?

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