Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Finn

    Even though Baby Finn lives 3 hours away, and we don't see him all that often - he's in our conversations with Avi almost daily.  She loves talking about him!  She compares things to him, thinks about him when she sees other babies, and we "use" him to teach her about how she's not a "baby" anymore - and she gets it.  Like today, when she didn't want to walk from the beach to the car.  Then we saw a baby, and mommy said, "See the baby getting carried?  Babies have to be carried because they can't walk - like Baby Finn.  But you can walk because you're not a baby anymore - you're a big girl!"  We also used Baby Finn as a way for her to understand when we stopped breastfeeding.  Now, she says (almost every morning) Baby Finn gets "tatas"  and then she asks like she's going to breastfeed me or daddy and then she laughs and cracks herself up!

    When Brant, Aryn and Finn visited recently, Avi was so sweet and considerate towards him.  She always wanted to involve him in anything we were doing...  It's adorable to see how "motherly" she is already.  She has a tender, sweet heart.

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