Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Halloween Week

When you're two, Halloween lasts a week.  We probably went to 4-5 different Halloween gatherings.   Avi was a chicken (borrowed from Macy) and a purple fairy (hand-me-down from Gianna) this year.

Trick-or-Treating at school.

Macy, Tessa, Avi and Kendall - these girls have been friends for 3 Halloweens, now!

Avi and Millie getting pulled in the wagon by Daddy and Pacha during the Munchkin March.

Those wings really helped her fly!

Our costumes keeps getting more and more redundant.  Michael's a sailor caption (same as last year) and I am Pocahontas (for like the 3rd time).

At the Tierra Nueva progressive dinner party.  Here I'm Little Red Riding Hood, and Avi is a fairy, but lost most of her costume within the first 5 minutes.

At school.  Superman vs. the chicken.  Who do you think won?  Probably Avi, the chicken!

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