Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving plans this year were as crazy as a turkey with it's head cut off!  First we were going to Fresno to spend time with Michael's mom and family (but then she was going down to the desert), so we were going to Brant and Aryn's (but then their house got too full), so then back to Fresno to see Maren's parents and family and Michael's grandparents (but then Grammy Louise didn't want to travel that far), so home in Oceano (and that almost got canceled because my dad got sick and half our party wasn't going to make it)!  Regardless to say, we were happy and thankful to have a great potluck cooked meal with family!

Michael was in charge of cooking (deep frying in peanut oil with some neighborhood buddies over beer) and carving the turkey!  Good work, baby!

I just did appetizers, drinks, and stuffing.  Pretty easy!

Tryptophan attack.

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