Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our little artist

This hat was given to Avi by her neighbor Molly. Molly was in Europe when Avi was born, and I asked her to bring back something from Paris for our little baby. Well, the red Parisian beret finally fits Avi. She completed the look with an authentic paintbrush in her hands. Our little artist, who knows where she will go?


  1. You are just too precious little Dove! I'm going to hold you to this "artist" phase the next time we are together. I personally never even got the hang of painting by numbers, but hopefully your free spirit will get me into the swing of water colors or crayons again! But I still am looking forward to the TRAMPOLINE!!

    Mimi (alias Peggy)

  2. Avi Dove, you smile just like your Daddy!!!! How very lucky are you!!!!! I Love you my precious Angel, Sitti