Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leg Tunnels

About a month ago I was washing dishes in the kitchen sink. Avi walked over to me and started hugging the side of my leg. She wasn't begging to get up or asking for anything, she was just hugging for the sake of hugging. Since then, she's been avidly going in and out from underneath mine and daddy's legs. It must be fun being that short and having the whole world turn into a playground for you.

Under mommy's legs.

Running around.

Right before a fall.
She cried for about 10 seconds after this fall. Avi must fall 3 times an hour, but she often doesn't even make a peep. She only cries when she's hurt herself (like with a scratch) or if she's tired or hungry (and thus already cranky). She's a tough cookie. Most of the time after she falls, she wants us to pick her up and comfort her, but then after 2 seconds she wants back down on the ground to go at it again! She's pretty good at self-soothing.

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