Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moss Landing, An Unexpected Fit of Inspiration

Avi and I took a road trip for a few days to go visit my brother in Scott's Valley in September. We stopped at the beach in Moss Landing (population 1,000, maybe?) and I was suddenly struck with the beauty of all that was before me. Avi was playing in the warm sand, she was wearing a hand-knit sweater by a friend, the sky was blue, and I had my camera in the car 3 feet away. Hello?! Photo shoot here I come!

I was singing to Avi and she would dance.

Learning to walk in sand was uncharted territory. She'd take 3 steps and fall down. Then get up and try again.

Putting, yet again, something inedible in her mouth. Avi when you have kids someday, just don't get mad at them - you did the same thing ALL the time!

Have you ever seen so much joy on just one face?

She looks too young to be walking. She looks like a tiny babe.

One fall that took her a little too close to the sand.

Here she saw a bird and was chasing (as fast as her little legs would take her) after it!

Found a toy (i.e. a tiny piece of driftwood) to play with in the sand.

Mommy approved toys - a ball and an empty bottle of fish oil capsules.

Unfortunately, the only picture I could get of the two of us. Oh, how I love her!

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