Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miscellaneous September Pictures

Our beautiful gift from God. How do I know she is from God? I could have never created, grown, or sustained anything so beautiful on my own. Every time I reflect on her beauty, her health, her happiness, I am humbled by the greatness of God.

Apple picking with our parent participation class at Avila Barn. Avi is in the ergo baby on the front, bottom left.

Mimi playing with Avi on the trampoline. Who had more fun?

Avi got some static electricity from all that jumping on the trampoline!

A hot afternoon at Tessa's house in San Luis Obispo. Avi is down to her diaper and enjoying a book.

At Levon's 3rd birthday party. Avi was the youngest attendee, but that didn't stop her from being involved in everything!

Eating home-made rolls with her friends at the table. Next to her is Rachel, the little girl who came up with Avi Dove as a name.

Eating a cupcake!

Hitting the pinata!

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