Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All those little things (16 months)

Avi, you are growing up so fast I don't have time to write down all the cool new things you are doing. One pretty silly and embarassing thing you started doing a few weeks ago was pick your nose. It was like, Wow! I have a hole on my face and my finger fits perfectly inside! You would just put your finger up there and then just sit there, not even moving it. You are so silly!

And now I'll say something that won't have you hate me when your 16 and reading this: your vocabulary is shooting through the roof! You say "uh-oh" for no reason (like the other morning you got up, I was breast feeding you and then you just sat up and said "Uh-oh" when nothing had happened). But you also say it when you drop things, so that's good! You're also saying "no" (unfortunately), and "Wow" (which is absolutely adorable), and "doggie", and not so recognizable words, like "em-n" for lemon, and "eez" for cheese. You are also going through a separation phase in which you don't like to be put down or left at all. In fact, sometimes Daddy isn't even good enough, you only want Mommy. And then you are saying "mommy" for everything you want, which to be honest is really annoying (Don't use your mother's name in vain, would be my first commandment if I wrote a bible for mothering).

You love to eat whatever is on mommy and daddy's plate and tend to be uninterested in what's on your plate. Sometimes, if Daddy looks away, you will steal his big fork and try to put his food in your mouth! You even ate some of Mommy's salty seaweed snack yesterday - and you loved it! (Even Daddy won't eat it!) You still don't like eggs or bananas (though you loved the tiny baby bananas in Hawaii). You still breastfeed, but usually just once or so during the day, and then once before bed, 1-2 times in the middle of the night, and then when you wake up.

Currently, you have four molars breaking through your tiny baby gums, so that must be very painful, but you are enduring like warrior, you get frustrated easier and are waking up more at night, but you seem to be doing quite remarkable with the pain. My poor baby. You're learning to run and it freaks me out. I will think you are only 5 feet away, then I will look up and you will be all the way down the path! Your little legs are getting so strong and the little thigh fat is falling away fast - oh, how I miss those "chunky chunkies", as I call them.

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