Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

We maybe went overboard in our planning of one of our favorite holidays this year. In trying to be so clever, we missed the cuteness factor of Avi's costume, throwing the whole thing off. We wanted a themed family costume, so Michael was going to be the Fisherman, Maren the Fish, and Avi the Mermaid (get it: the product of our love). Well, Avi's costume came from the Internet and even after sewing and altering, the single fish fin/leg part still didn't work too well on a walking, bi-ped toddler. Plus, it just wasn't "cute". So we opted for an adorable monkey costume borrowed from a friend. Thanks, Amanda and Olivia!

Here we are in our full regalia. Avi's leg just popping to get out!

At our first (of several) Halloween party.
Right to left: Olivia, ?, Jacob, ?, Kendall, Claire, Avi.

At the Munchkin March in SLO. Macy is dressed up as a chicken. Avi has opted for the more convenient and cuter monkey costume. Maren has turned pirate. With friends Corrin and Josh.

At our home, during our Halloween party.

Avi cuddling up to neighbor and friend Frank. Who doesn't love this guy?

The culmination of it all - Trick or Treating! Avi holds on tightly to her first Trick or Treat basket which holds one candy. She only got to go to one house, then her bed called...

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