Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mila's Baptism

The thing I remember the most about Mila's baptisming was the love I felt, gratitude that we could dedicate her life to God who loves her so, and support from our family.  I was so happy that the most important people were there to support this very special day - all saying that we love you and Mila and are here for you.  Little Mila - you are a joy to have and hold and know.  Thank you God for this little life and the blessings you have shown me through her.  I hope I learn from all the lessons you are teaching me via Mila.

I was cracking up because she didn't cry or fuss at all when the priest poured the water on her head - even he was surprised by her calmness.

Godfather Miles and Godmother Pam.

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