Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cute Sayings of a 3 Year Old

Avi says something cute or sweet at least once every day, but I don't have a chance to write them all down.  Here are a few I captured: 

"Mom is this your picnic dress?"

"I found the baseball but where's the base bat?"

"Max o' Lantern" (for some reason she doesn't want to call it Jack o' Lantern!)

"It's good being a family on a Thursday night."

"It's nice to have a mommy, daddy, and sister."

"Why did u call her Mila Olive Venus? But I wanted you to call her 'Pa'."

Halle: sorry guys, I can't kiss right now cuz I got this Chapstick on my lips
Avi: that's ok we can just kiss your shoulders.

"I smell some goodness" (smelled cinnamon)

"Mom you look so nice & shiny."

After Halloween. "Who's Alice's father? Maybe the author is her father. Maybe Daddy is my father."

"WIPE ME!" she screams at the top of her lungs!  Usually during dinner - ha!