Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 2013

Avi "reading" her bible.  (Notice it's upside down.)  She'll read out loud and the bible will say something like this:  "Thank you Lord for this and that." or "Thank you God for carrots and strawberries. Amen" 

Mila RARELY cries, but here's proof that she's human just like the rest of us!

Avi dancing in a car garage while we wait to get our car fixed.

Having tea with nieghbor friends.

Avi is almost 4 and she still hasn't really played in the ocean.  She does not like cold water!

She helped me set the table! 

Mila started crawling and is so pleased with her new mobility!
Caity, Avi, Mila & Stefan on the Horvath's couch.

Congratulations James on your first children's book!

I love Mila's curls!
Avi wanted to get up in front of everyone at a common meal and sing a completely random song she made up at that moment.  Brave girl!


Avi's first yoga class!

At the local fair - Avi and I had fun!

The best part of the fair that day was taking the bus to the fair from the high school parking lot - at least Avi thought that was the coolest part!

Mila went with me to my beach volleyball class!

At Novo!

What the room should look like.

What it looks like when I'm sorting through the next age/stage of clothes!

Avi's teeth after she snuck some chocolate from the bar we were saving to give to a friend.  See how she only took a tiny bite!  Hee hee!

Mila's passport photo session.

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