Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aveah Dove's Fourth Birthday Party!

Waiting for friends to arrive and drinking CapriSun (a treat!).

Daddy and Mila arrive!

Going down to the beach to see if Ariel arrived!

Macy, Halle, Katelyn, Aveah, Kendall, Lucy, Mila and Maren all waiting anxiously to see if Ariel is there!

Waving hello to Ariel.

Listening closely to Ariel's story.

The mommas hanging out nearby. Francine, Maren, Pacha (with Max), Sarah Easton & Sarah Pedersen.

Crowned Princess Aveah

 Thanks, Photographer/Daddy Michael.

All the kids wanted to see Ariel jump into the water and swim away, but I insisted she wanted to stay on land for a while and get a sun tan!

picture frame crafts the kids decorated.

Hand made by Pacha: Fort Kit!

Avi's favorite gift?  "Flooda" a black poodle purse from Gigi. My favorite gift?  The handmade creative "Fort Kit" from Pacha!

Her last night as a 3 year old!

Her real birthday - she got a cupcake with 4 candles, and a private V.I.P. party with the 4 of us at home!

On her actual birthday, she went to yoga camp in the morning, then swimming class afterwards - ah, the life!

The 12:02pm kiss - exactly 4 years after Avi was born she was doing swim lessons.  So we captured our embrace underwater this year!  I love you, Aveah Dove!

When she woke up this large gift was in her room - a changing table, bed and eating station for her babies. She loved it!

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  1. My precious Avi, turning 4 yrs old. How is that possible? I Love You so much, Princess Aveah!!!!!! May God Watch over you and keep you safe always, Sitti and Grandpy