Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas & Holiday Traditions 2012

At the Arroyo Grande Street Parade with Dan, Sarah and Halle.

The girls dancing down the street at the tail of the parade.

Made it to the lighted boat parade in Morro Bay!

Snow & sledding at the golf course in Los Osos!

Making & decorating (Avi's favorite part) Christmas cookies.

Someone got a little carried away with the sprinkles...

Turned around for a second and saw this...

SLO Carousel with Kendall and Macy.

At Santa's Shak in SLO.  First time on Santa's lap!

Tierra Nueva Santa visiting.  Sitti was here, too!

Santa and Aveah.

Gift exchange!

Lantern walk - very few came this year because it was drizzling lightly.  That didn't stop us or our new neighbors who just moved her from rainy Vancouver!

Avi was pretty tired and fussy near the end, so we went home and the carolers (who had grown in numbers since we started) came to our house.  Avi loved being sung to!

A new tradition - going for a fancy dinner at Madonna Inn to see all the Christmas decorations.
They didn't have a balloon that said "Happy Thursday" so we got this one instead.

The Polar Dip!  The air was about 55 degrees, so I imagine the water was a little warmer...

The annual Tree Burning on the beach!  Mila's holding a bottle of homemade kombucha I brought to share.

Lots of kids came!  Avi got buried in the sand for the first time - as a mermaid!

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