Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December 2012

A cold rainy day and what is my love doing dressed like that?  He's filling the outdoor bath with steaming hot water for me!  


One of Avi's advent calendar surprises - glittery nail polish!

One of my favorite pictures - we used this picture as our ornament gift.

Michael and I went on a yoga date and came home to see our sitter had expertly braided Aveah's hair and put a little bow on Mila!

Avi tucking in her dolls - plastic and flesh alike.

Trying to do a self portrait.

LOVE those lips and cheeks!

Michael, Aveah and Sitti went to mass on Christmas eve, and I stayed home with Mila.  Good thing too, because Avi fell asleep on Michael during mass and when she woke up she let her bladder release. Michael got a warm surprise (see the stain on his upper thigh?)!

Christmas Eve - Avi was with Mimi and Boppy, so Mila went to Charles' with us to enjoy the fire!

At Charles' house with other wild baby Olivia and mama Ariela.

Michael got the penny in the loaf this year!

Mila waking up.

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