Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Train to meet Reef and see Sarah Roos

Maren has been desperately wanting to go visit Sarah Roos in the hospital, but needed someone to go with her to pacify Mila in the long car ride (Mila still cries like crazy unless someone is singing to her or  holding her arms done and holding the pacifier in her mouth so she can fall asleep).  But I couldn't talk anyone to going with me, so I decided to take the train by myself (nay, by myself would've been a breeze).  I took Mila and Avi and a carseat, and 2 big bags on the train from SLO to San Jose where my brother picked me up.  I was terrified of many things: Avi throwing tantrums, Mila crying the whole way, both crying since the train didn't arrive until nearly 2 hours after their bed time, all the passangers giving me the stink eye, etc.)  Thankfully, they were both angels on the ride!  Avi was so cute caring for her little doll Clementine, and Mila hung out peacefully in the Ergo most of the time.  

Oh, and the main catalyst to finally get us there was baby Reef was just a few weeks old and we wanted to meet him and do a newborn shoot of him!

Heading up the Cuesta Grade

At night at a train station stop near Paso

My girls wearing Christmas gift hats that Sarah Roos knit by hand!

Me and Sarah!

Baby Reef sleeping on the counter!

Avi actually fell asleep the last hour of the train ride because I made her a little bed on the floor!  What an angel!

Baby Reef newborn pictures!

Just missing cousin Reef!

The ride back was really fun because it was daylight the whole way and we got to sit in the sky view car and sip hot chocolate!

Almost home - coming down the grade!

How Avi entertained herself most of the way - playing home with her dolls and toys.

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