Saturday, January 5, 2013

Monterey with Halle

We took a trip with Halle, Sarah and Dan to Monterey!  We stayed in the same hotel and took turns babysitting.  It was a fun weekend even though Halle got a bad cold.
So sophisticated!  Avi helping carrying in luggage while holding up her pants!

found Avi asleep like this!

Avi posed and took this picture!

Of course we went to the aquarium!  Thanks Brant and Aryn for the free members pass!

And of course Mila slept during most of the aquarium visit!

Swimming in the pool even though it was only like 60 degrees out!

At the Dennis the Menace park with Dan, Halle and Sarah.

Ahhh... the weekend went too fast! All packed and ready to go home.

 But first a quick stop by the local Children's Museum!  Avi wore the giraffe costume most of the time there.  (I loved the "hips" it gave my skinny little girl!)
 Pretend popcorn!

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