Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why I love you #5,368: the public restroom hand dryer kiss

Driving home from Fresno one grey winter morning we stopped at a minimart to "go pee". After washing your hands you asked for a towel. I said they're aren't any but we can use this hand dryer. So we walked our to it, I turned it on, we put our hands under it and I was looking down at the top of your head.  All of sudden you looked up with this HUGE smile on your face.  I realized this might be your first (conscious) memory of using a warm air hand dryer. Your smile was contagious & I found myself filling with love and smiling down at you. Then I bent down to give you a kiss and after I gave you one you planted one right back on me. Of course we'd be kissing! - isn't a bathroom hand dryer a reason to kiss?!? With you it is, my little Love.