Friday, February 1, 2013

January Photo Shoots!

I'm so glad that we get to bring out our big cameras and have fun photographing our girls growing up!
We made a slide out of the couch cushions one afternoon when Millie and Maddy were over.

Doesn't look comfortable: a foot in your face, but hey, they're kids!

Mila sleeps great - as long as she's swaddled!

Trying to catch rain drops in her mouth...

Now that Mila can sit up, bath times are so much more fun!

Even happy babies cry.

Getting all soft afterwards...

Aveah loves her sister.  Mila loves her sister.  Love!

Yes, I wish I had this in my room growing up!

Avi decorated her hair with every single hair barrette she had!

Reaching for the camera.

"Your Face" song: Let me see you make a monster face...

Let me see you make a laughing face...

Let me see you make a napping face...

Let me see you make a sad face...

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