Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Christmas

Highly contagious sickness (thankfully, not from our little family) thwarted our traditional December Christmas plans with the Pedersen Family in Fresno - but that didn't stop us from making up for it in February on the Central Coast! It was lots of fun!  Instead of having one nice long dinner and evening together, we got to have 2 days of fun!

 Friday night we all went out to dinner in the Village.  18 of us!

 Saturday morning we met for breakfast at                      The Butterflies Blues Band.
Woodstone's and then strolled the Bob Jones Trail.
   Aryn and Finn.

 Avi playing in the sand.
Avi sneaking a kiss on baby Finn!

 Kendall, Alana, Aveah & Finn on the Avila Beach.

 Breakfast on our patio: Breakfast tacos with cilantro and chorizo.  Yummy!

 My Pedersen Family!

 My family!

 The second-cousins: Alana, Finn, Aveah, Kendall & Katelyn.  

 Happy Baby Finn - age 8 months.

 My brother and his family!

Cousin get-away: kayaking and paddle-boarding Avila Bay.  Here we are on a beach break near Diablo Canyon.

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  1. These pictures are so great! I hadn't realized Avi's little girlfriend is Dougs daughter (is that right?) Everyone (and all of the CA beauty) look wonderful.