Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This baby is with me at all times!

It's so nice having a baby in my belly again!  Even though it was just 3 years ago little Avi was there, I miss that closeness you have with the little growing pea inside.  Around 18 weeks I began feeling the baby kick - I was relaxing in a yoga class and I felt "yham" - not hard, just firm and like hey, I'm here and I know how to move and make myself known and comfortable.  That's not exactly all I felt in that first kick, but that's the best I can sum it up in words.  It's uncanny how much I can intuit and know about this little life from one little kick.  Avi was always more gracefully and fluttery.  This baby is stronger and more sure with it's movements.  
About a week after conception, I started waking up at 5am every morning even though the alarm wasn't set until 6:45am.  This went on for about two weeks and I thought it was very strange.  Could this be my first "side effect" from being pregnant?  Well, sure enough it must of have been my body changing already, because once I was able to take the "pee-on-a-stick" test around 5 weeks, I was pregnant!

My friend Pacha took this first picture of my belly (no, not my photographer husband) around 18 weeks.

Food tastes soooo good this pregnancy!  Last pregnancy I was a little nauseous in the morning especially during the first trimester, but with this pregnancy I've been hungry almost the whole time all day long!  I did have one "morning sickness" episode that lasted a whole 3 minutes long, from nausea feeling to vomiting to feeling all fine again... So that wasn't too bad!

Avi likes to recognize the baby belly.  If she ever accidentally hits or bumps my belly, she'll immediately come over and kiss it.  For a while, every morning she would say "hi" to the baby belly first thing in the morning.  
People ask how Avi's taking the news of me being pregnant.  Well, half the time she says "I have a baby in my belly, too."  The other day, she said "I have a baby doggie in my belly."  So, I think the idea is pretty abstract to her right now!

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