Thursday, February 16, 2012

Christmas Traditions

If you think back on your childhood, some of your fondest memories may be those that were traditions in your household.  Well, raising a family now, we are trying to establish some traditions of our own.  Here's some of our Chirstmastime traditions:

The annual bike caroling ride.  Thanks to Eames who started this years ago.  We group together in a bike gang, decorate ourselves or our bikes with lights, put a Chirstmas mix on our iPod boombox, and cruise through neighborhoods and look at the lights!
Avi having fun as we stopped to get a warm drink mid-way through our Christmas bike ride.
We saw a real Santa in a yard!  Avi didn't want to sit in his lap, so Michael had fun doing so!

Probably the most decorated house we saw this year.  It had synchronized music to the lights and people passing out candy canes - Avi's first!

Gigi gave Avi some fun books for Christmas!

Another tradition: the Advent Calendar.  Every morning we would open the box and find a new experience, treasure or thing to do or make that day!  This day had "Sandy" to make a sand-man on the beach (since we can't make Frosty from snow)!
It's hard to make a large sand-woman.  The sand just doesn't stick...  Oh well, little sandy had a real carrot nose and buttons and stick arms, and seaweed eyes!

At the carousel in downtown SLO.

Avi wanted to kiss her horsey goodbye.

Hugging Tessa.

Avi, Tessa and Macy.

 Avi and Macy having fun at a toddler concert at BooBoo's.

Another experience in the Advent Calendar: "See the full moon on the Dunes"  Here's Avi and Michael looking at the moon.

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