Wednesday, February 15, 2012

San Francisco - just the 3 of us!

So Michael and I (and the baby in my belly) went to San Francisco for a little trip to celebrate our 11th anniversary and Maren's 32nd birthday.  Avi happily spent 2.5 days with Mimi at home.

 We stayed in Russian Hill with Tracy, Michael's cousin.  Sunday morning we went to church at Grace Cathederal - an amazing church for the West Coast.

 At the Photo Booth getting our tin-types made.  Really cool experience!

 Maren cooling her mouth after eating some hot pizza.

The coffee siphons at Blue Bottle coffee.

My current favorite coffee shop in the world: Blue Bottle.

Michael and cousin Tracy near the giant Camera Obscura.

a not-so-good picture of us hanging out in Tracy's shop after the Fiest concert.  Thanks, Tracy for getting us in for free!

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