Monday, February 13, 2012

Phone Pictures Update

These pictures from my iPhone go from September through the present.  

Avi appropriately making an "A" from the play-doh at school.

She's a good helper!  She likes to spray the vinegar cleaner on the ground then wipe it up and make the "spots go away".

Avi hated going to the grocery store (probably because I dreaded to go with her - she would fuss, want to get down, cry, and make shopping for groceries nearly impossible).  That was until we found out about Buddy Lee at Trader Joe's.  Buddy Lee is the little black dog in hidden in the box of cereal above Avi's head.  A store employee will move Buddy every few days so that each time we come in, Avi has something to look forward to: finding Buddy Lee.  Oh, and there's incentive: organic, dye-free lollipops - compliments of Mr. Joe, of course.  Now, Avi asks to go to Trader "Droe's" - I love it and she loves it!

Halle, Macy, Tessa and Avi on the stage at Boo Boo's.

Beach time one Friday afternoon at Avila's farmers market.

Playing in the foam pit at a local gymnasium.  Who had more fun?  

A happy girl waking up.  Most of the time, Avi is in a great mood when she wakes up.  Sometimes, she's really grumpy... but most of the time she gives me a huge smile when I walk in to get her.

Grammy Louise playing on the swings at a playmate we had with her in Los Osos.  What a cool great-grammy!

Michael playing around with his phone camera during bath-time one day.

Speaking of phones - I love having the camera texting ability (yes, kids one day in the future when you're reading this you will realize there was a time - not long before you were born - that we couldn't text pictures or text at all!)  So, now when I send Michael to the store to get something - he can text me before he leaves to make sure it's the right thing.  Saves us both a lot of time.  Here, Avi needed some Tylenol during the teething of her last 2 back molars.

Feeding the Koi at the local pet store.

Avi is class with her friends.  It's so amazing to see her sit there for 2 minutes straight and listen to a story.  I remember when I started taking her to class when she was 3 months old - she couldn't even stay awake the whole class!

Pacha, Millie and Avi strolling in Avila.

We finally got a blender that works.  We've been without a blender for about 8 years because they are so darn expensive and don't work good.  Well, we finally bought a really nice blender (the same ones Jamba Juice uses) and now I can make healthy smoothies (and frozen popsicles) for Avi.  The above one has bananas, mangos, kale and juice.  

Avi hanging out at Millie's while Michael and I were off shooting a wedding.

This photo symbolizes our first vacation without Avi.  We went to San Francisco, and Avi stayed in Oceano with Mimi.  (Thanks, Mimi!)  We were gone for 2.5 days and I got pretty depressed by the end being away from her for so long.  When we got home, Avi didn't ask for "tata's" until the next morning.  I thought this might be a good time to try and wean her since I was already 2 months pregnant.  It was really easy - thankfully!  She asked for the next week or so, and would cry for about 1-2 minutes when I said, "Tatas are for babies, you're a big girl and you can eat food now.  Let's cuddle instead," then she would be fine.  So, all said, I breastfed her for 2 years and 4 months.  I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to do that for my daughter.

Avi (barefoot), Tessa, Macy and Kendall one morning after Boo Boo's.  What a lucky gang of girls!

On the way home from San Luis one day, Avi said she had to go poo, so I pulled over at the next exit and set up her little portable toilet.  Look at the view she got to poo to!
Figs from our local tree.  Yummy!  Luckily, Avi doesn't like figs yet, so I get to enjoy them all to myself!  Michael likes to photograph them more than eat them... 

At the Thai restuarant in the Village.  Avi proceeded to nearly get naked while we were waiting for our food.  We let her because we were the only patrons in the restaurant.  She also incited her friend Halle to take off her clothes, too. Silly toddlers. 

Here I was only like 8 or 9 weeks pregnant, but I felt like my belly was huge!  So I was sitting at a cafe with nobody around so I let my belly get some sun and let it "all hang out."  Then I got inspired to take this pic (which really shows how relatively tiny my belly really was).  Right then, two friends walk by - geez, I felt funny.

Millie, Pacha, Avi and I went to Yumi Sushi to celebrate Pacha's birthday.  Avi was in this stage where she would purposely look the other way when the camera came out.  So, we have a lot of pictures of her ponytail.

The neighborhood gang: Nonny (Helena) 3, Avi 2, Eden 6, Anna 4.

Millie and Avi.  These two love to love.

Our 2011 Christmas tree!

Walking to the farm is always a blessing - good walk, good weather, good company, good open sky, good food.  

Maren feeding the chickens.  Avi helped - she knew how to feed them, and wasn't scared at all.  She's really cool!

Avi could swing all day long - seriously.  Get's a little boring after a while for the pushing parent, but she's already trying to "pump" her legs, so that's promising!

Avi and all my children-to-be, I hope you do not inherit my baking abilities!  This was meant to be a coconut layered cookie bar treat.  

Luckily, Avi has moved out of this phase, but for a while, she would NOT wear jackets or sweaters.  She was talented enough to take them off whenever we put them on, but not wise enough to know she should wear it.  It was a constant parent-put-on then Avi-pull-off!  Here she is in December, obviously cold, but wouldn't wear her jacket.  She's better now, thank God!

Halle and Avi feeding the koi.

Avi puts her pants on by herself now, butt she doesn't get it right all the time.

With Daddy at the Christmas carousel in downtown SLO.

Maren organizing all the 2011 pictures for grandparents and great-grandparents Christmas presents.

Boppy and Avi playing.
Mimi and Maren playing.

Riding bikes around Fresno.

After riding bikes on the Bob Jones Trail.

After the Bob Jones trail, we went wine tasting and art viewing at Salisbury.

Avi and daddy snuggling on the couch.  My loves!

Millie, Halle & Avi.

Millie and Aveah.

Macy, Avi and Tessa making the single Bob into a triple!

Avi dressing herself.  How does she make mixed-matched prints, boots, and a swimsuit top look so cute?!

Aveah and Millie.

Avi and I like walking through the butterfly grove looking for butterflies.

Reading a book together at the library.

Michael and I walk through the grove to take Avi to Halle's house once a week and we do yoga together.  

Halle and Avi sharing snacks.

Lunch bag time - Avi and Kendall.

Avi and Halle.

Walking to the farm.

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