Thursday, March 1, 2012

My First Throw Up (Ugh!)

Avi got her first stomach flu at age 2 years and 8 months.  This was the first time ever she threw up.  As a mother, I've been dreading this day - thinking of how messy it would be and how scared my child would be.  But in reality, it wasn't that bad!  Avi was a trooper!  She learned very soon - after throwing up on Michael while reading a book on the couch - to vomit in the toilet or into a bowl.  She didn't cry and didn't complain (too much).  She was a good little thing.  The worst part was how long it took to get her back to normal.  She only actively vomitted for about 3 hours, but then she was just out of it for about 10 days!  Finally, I got smart and started giving her high doses of probiotics and Vitamin D and then she was better in about 2 days!  

It was funny, one of those parenting moments you won't forget: Michael and I were preparing dinner in the kitchen and Avi walks in and says, My tummy hurts. Michael said, What's that about? And I said, Oh, I don't know. I'm not going to worry about it.  She probably overheard one of her friends saying it and is just repeating it - you know, playing with language.  I'll begin to worry once she's throwing up or is constipated for 4 days straight...  Well, literally within 10 minutes of my so-confident reply, Avi threw up! So, lesson is I guess sometimes kids really do speak the truth! 

 Avi just laid around for about a week and watched TV - she didn't have much energy for much more.

 I know someday she'll hate that I posted this - but this is how toddler stomach flu spreads!

 Hanging out in bed.  When you're sick, you get to eat oranges in bed.

Sick little girl with her hand on mama's baby belly.  Thankfully, mama didn't get sick.  Daddy did though - but he got sick first and probably gave it to Avi.

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