Friday, March 2, 2012

If You Give a Maren a....

Being pregnant is awesome in many ways (and really difficult in others - see my post "on being a saint").  What makes it really fun is the excuse to eat whatever you want when you want - because it's the baby craving something, so you can't deny the unborn, right?!

One thing we love to do is hike and be outdoors.  So the other day we hiked West Cuesta Ridge (my second favorite hike on the entire Central Coast).  Before we left Arroyo Grande, Michael said, let's stop and get In N Out - I said sure!  Then after the hike, I said we should get some frozen yogurt (I actually went through the line twice - my first helping wasn't enough).  Then, after that cold yogurt, we needed some warm tea, so we went to Barnes and Noble for some chamomile tea with cream.  A yummy afternoon!  Actually, writing this right now makes me want some coconut ice cream (yes, I just had breakfast - burrito with eggs, hash browns, broccoli and cheese - 3 hours ago!)

                                                                   Hike first...  then ice cream!

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