Friday, March 2, 2012

Hiking is getting harder!

With this second baby, my uterus and ab muscles really cramp a LOT.  If I just walk one block at a steady pace I feel like I'm having a mild contraction!  Crazy!  I just walk through them though, figure they are just a reality of the state I'm in now.  I also try to breath into them and focus on relaxing that area.  Geez, it's really crazy cool how the body works, though!

The top of West Cuesta Ridge where you can see from Morro Rock to Point Sal on a clear day!

5 months pregnant

Avi doesn't seem to think that this hiking is too hard!

Every Monday we do stroller class.  Sometimes my stomach is killing me, but I just try to keep up with all the other moms and babies.

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