Thursday, March 1, 2012

Santa Barbara, February 2012

 This Santa Barbara trip was spurned by a Wilco concert Michael went to for his birthday with Matthew Eames. (Happy 39th Birthday, my Love!  I'm so glad you are here!) Then we spent two more days in Santa Barbara as a family.

Still feeling a little sick from the stomach flu.

 Reading with Daddy.

 Waking up in the morning.  Here Avi is sharing pictures of herself she is looking at on the iPhone.

 Playing in the sand while we wait for a table at the Boat House - what a great location!

                                                        Michael's birthday dessert!
                                                        (Pregnant Maren ate half!)
 Our campsite (at a friends house on 60 acres
 on the ocean north of the city) the first night 
while the boys were at the concert!  Eames got 
up and went surfing on the property at 6am.  Michael
slept in til 7:30 for his birthday!

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