Thursday, July 5, 2012


Life and love is in a mother.  Obviously, right now, I’m all about mothering, but being mothered is the best thing in the world!  Finding love, knowing God, and being mothered with love – and I have all three things. 
Both Michael’s mom and my mom came to stay with us each for a week after Mila was born. Michael and I joked it was like having a wife!  They cleaned, cooked, washed clothes, picked up, went grocery shopping, helped with Aveah, helped with Mila, got up in the middle of the night and carried around crying Mila so we could sleep, and much more!  Thank you, Mom, you are the best gift we could have ever wanted!

The day Mila was born we had quite a lot of visitors!  Lots of moms in this picture - Maren, Sitti, Gigi, Mimi!  
Mimi was great with Avi - spending over 10 days of fun with her!  They went swimming, to the park, to classes, to friends, and all over the county!

Sitti holding hours old Mila.  When we called Sitti to tell her that Mila was born, she said "Ok, I'm leaving now."  She didn't waste anytime getting over here to see Mila!

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