Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aveah and Mila, Part 1.

 Oh, my! How you are blessed by each other!  I always wanted a sister, and I’m so happy you two have each other.  Avi you already love your little sister so much.  You kis her constantly, talk soothingly to her when she cries, want to hold her in your arms every chance you can, you ask when we leave the house if Mila is coming… And, Mila, even though you can’t talk or even purposefully gesture yet, we can tell how you get calm when Avi is near if you are fussing, and we see how alert and interested you are when you hear your sister’s voice.  You love staring at her and being near her.  Bless you two, and your lifelong relationship. 
 Mila's first day alive - not even 24 hours old and Avi is holding her little sister.

 Mila got Aveah a present: a Super-Avi cape and mask.  Avi loved it!  Aveah got Mila a present too: a stuffed stacking ring toy (Mila can't really play with it yet, but we're sure she'll love it soon!)

 These next pictures are of Mila at two days old!  We dressed her up to take her to her first chiropractic adjustment for her and for mommy!  She slept right through the whole thing - just like Aveah did on her first visit!

All of Avi's babies: Rico, Mila, Jake.  I think the center baby is her favorite!

Avi helping!  She's a really good helper: with diapers, blankets, clothes, and more - she will grab something we need for Mila and bring it to us!  Here she offered (all on her own) to help mommy hold up her shirt so Mila could eat.  What a sweet, considerate, thoughtful daughter and big sister!

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