Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meagan's Wedding & Avi's Debut as a Flower Girl

Beautiful Meagan!

 So, when Meagan asked if Aveah could be the flower girl, I was very nervous!  I've seen enough weddings to know that toddlers don't always act as expected.  Michael said, don't worry whatever she does will be cute.  So, she got about 20 percent down the aisle and stopped and ran back to Mimi.  Mimi sort or pushed her out again and Avi angrily threw a couple of petals while crying.  I felt so bad! I know how intimidating a crowd of strangers must be to a 2-year-old - and I couldn't do anything because I was the one taking photos!  It all worked out good, Avi got to go to Sitti's lap after she made it about 80 percent down the aisle and everyone thought she was super cute!

Playing with Mimi at the spa fountain.  I had Mimi come just to watch Avi because there were 3 bodies of water we worried about: a pond, a pool and a spa!  Nervous mother's hell!  Especially since I almost drowned in a spa when I was 2 years old - my mom ran around the corner and pulled me out just after I had stepped in!

Sitti and Aveah.  Two pretty women!

Matthew Anthony (can't call him Little Matt anymore!), Sitti, Matthew, Aveah and Michael.

The bride and groom with the flower girl and ring bearer.

I was 8 months pregnant - my feet were definitely tired at the end of the day - but not hurting, thank God!

One of my favorite pictures of Meagan and Casey!

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