Friday, October 21, 2011

Sir Levon of Lemonshire turns 4!

Sir Lemon's bouncy castle on the Village Green.

Avi bounced it up in the castle - Maren had fun, too!

Daddy and Avi both being kids.

Gianna, who is 8, grabbed Avi and rolled on the bouncy house floor with her.  Avi thought this was great!

Paula made these costumes for each kid at the party.  So cool!

Avi didn't want to be a party-pooper, so she stopped for a pee break in the cutting garden.

The kids running from one scavenger hunt location to the next.

Sir Lemon himself.

The loot.

The "horse".  (Monty Phtyon's Holy Grail reference.)

Paula and one lucky boy, Levon.

Avi climbing the slide.

Avi's first pinata experience.  I really dig how how she got into the theme of the day - she's jousting instead of swinging at the dragon.  

The birthday cake.

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