Thursday, October 13, 2011

August Adventures

Here's a bunch of updates and random pictures (mostly from my iphone).

Visiting Keeta.  Avi is so good with her, and Keeta is getting better at tolerating her...

Avi and Millie at the park during one of Pacha and my "work exchanges"

Avi on stage and loving it at Boo Boo's.

An impromptu tea party on the path.

An average afternoon in Avi's playroom.  Count: there are 6 people in the room, 5 of them are kids!

A really warm day at Ramona Park calls for no clothes but a sun hat (of course)! 
(This day Avi did something really embarrassing to me - and I'm sure she will be embarrassed about this someday herself - but oh well!  I went to the bathroom for like 1 minute, and since Michael was laying down napping, I asked my friend to watch Avi.  Well, my friend also had her 2-year-old to watch. So, when I came out of the bathroom, I saw Avi - still naked - squating on the ground looking at something. I walked over to her to see what was so interesting.  Gross!  She was looking at a pile of poop!  "Ugh!", I said, "Someone let their dog go poop and didn't pick it up!"  So, I picked up Avi and went back to Michael at the blanket and again vocalized my disgust at the lazy dog owner.  After I finished talking, Avi said, "That was Avi poo." Ha!  I assumed it was dog poo, but no! it was my human daughter who had taken a dump on the sidewalk in public with at least 20 people around.  Geez, I felt really dumb going back and picking up that poo...

Millie and Avi working in the garden at Pacha's.

Avi helping the older kids distribute lemonade and snacks during a TN workday.  She was so grown up - she just hung out with the older kids and didn't even cry for me when she saw me.  She really feels comfortable around the kids here, like they are part of her family.  It is awesome!

Avi's really concentrating here... You can tell because she is sticking out her tongue.

Snuggling with daddy in the early morning for a book reading.

And this is how tired you get as a parent.  Michael literally came into the office, got a pillow and laid down on the ground, and fell asleep.  Why didn't he go to his bed which was a whopping 30 feet away? I don't know - maybe the sleep deprivation got to him...

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