Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Path in 3 Minutes

The other day, I had my camera out to do a headshot of my neighbor.  Afterwards, I was standing in the path, talking with two of my neighbors while I still had my camera on my shoulder.  In the 3 minutes I was standing there talking, I shot this series of pictures.  Look what all happened and who all walked by.  This is why I love where I live.

The kids had a table set up to sell guava fruits picked from a nearby tree.

Avi walks up from a nearby house to see what's going on.

She sees mommy and runs to me.

Daddy comes by and Avi goes to his arms.  We go home, which is 10 feet away from all this fun and perpetual amusement.  It's like people watching at your front door - but you know all the people and they know you and your kid.

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