Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trippin' North

 We took the train south to Carlsbad, but on the way back, we missed it.  We can blame that on several things: there were about 20 times the normal traffic at the train station that day due to the Horse Races starting, we had a baby, and the station had no marquees or signs to notify travelers which train was arriving and leaving.  Arrggh!  So frustrating!  Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with this country?!  But most of the time I'm happy and feel very blessed to be the 3% of the world's population to be born into the USA and all the fortune we have.

 Speaking of fortunate!  Avi has a "cell phone" so she can call her friends at any time.

She constantly called Millie to tell her she was "at the lake".  Funny how little things stick in a child's mind and they repeat it over and over and over...

In Santa Barbara, we stopped for dinner at the coolest "healing center" called Alchemy Arts.  They serve  tasty vegan and raw food, offer yoga and healing massages and more!  Avi just liked playing on the uniquely lit and inspirational stairs.

My meal.  Yummmm

Avi finally fell asleep around Buellton.  Poor baby!  It was a 6+ hour drive.

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