Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finn's Place (a.k.a. Santa Cruz area)

We may have been visiting Brant, Aryn, Dax, Cali, Finn, Piegon Point, Halfmoon Bay, and Santa Cruz, but to Avi all that is Finn's Place!  Avi loves her little cousin - and we are taking as many chances as we can to go visit her newest friend.

Dee Dee putting Finn in his rocker for dinner.

Aryn prepared an amazing meal!  Didn't she just have a kid?  How does she do it all?!

I'm wearing the super cool farmer's market backpack Aryn had just given me.  Why?  Because it is so comfy!

Pigeon Point Hostel - cool, but don't go there for the hot tub if you have a kid under 6 years old!  Bummer...

Avi enjoying the patio roof art at the Santa Cruz museum.

What else would you expect from an elevator at a Santa Cruz art museum?

Maren and Finn hanging out on the beach with Avi while Michael and Brant were trying to catch some waves.

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