Monday, September 5, 2011

Potty Training

The time has finally come.  I'm on day one of no more stinking diapers!  We'll see how it goes.  Of course every parent wants an early potty trained kid, and how hard can it be, really?  Well, it's difficult - just like most of parenting.

This morning, after 3 successful pees in the potty, and a 30-minute-pee-free ride in the car, I felt I was a super mommy with a highly-aware and conscious child. So proud was I, that indeed I was texting my friends and family a picture I had taken of a certain yellow-liquid in a certain plastic receptacle, with a note that said something along the lines of "Potty training, day 1: 4 successful potty..." Well, I don't know exactly how it went because I never got to finish the boastful text message, because I was interrupted (nay, my illusions were shattered) by my friend saying, "I think Avi may have had an accident over there."  Ha!  Serves me right for trying to assume that since the first 2.5 hours had been easy-breezy, so would be the remainder.

Well, the rest of the day went like this.  She never peed unless she was in her "big girl" underwear. If she walks around like a regular nudist, she's fine - she will pee in the toilet.  But put any clothes around her urethra, and she will wet them within 10 minutes.  So, I wonder how this will work when she's interviewing for her first job and the boss asks, So, why aren't you wearing any pants???

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