Monday, September 5, 2011

San Francisco, Part 1

Summer took us all over California this summer.  We were lucky enough to stay with Michael's cousin, Tracy in her swanky and HUGE (especially for SF sizing) apartment.  Oh, and she has a dog named Lucky that Avi got to play with - which she loved except for when Lucky would hump her.  Fortunately, I was quick enough to manipulate that into a "hug", so we'd all say, Oh, isn't that sweet Avi?!  Lucky is giving you a hug.   If we hadn't made it into something positive, she would have cried everytime the dog came near, but now that the dog was hugging her, she felt she understood things.  The dog is only 8 pounds, so he really wasn't doing too much harm, and hopefully when Avi is reading this as an adult, she is laughing and inspired by our creative positive spin on the situation.  

 I know parents don't usually play on the playground equipment, but Michael and I are trying to change that boring pattern.  
 Yea, I'm going way too fast!!!  Tracy let me borrow some leggings that were super slippery.  I literally flew out of the slide and landed (on my feet luckily) 6 feet away!

 The cozy and retreat-like courtyard to Tracy's home.

Isn't this lovely for the middle of Nob Hill?!

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