Sunday, September 4, 2011

Emma Wood, Ventura Surfing vacation!

When Michael and I went to Costa Rica in 2008 searching for great surfing beaches, we took the shuttle from the Central Coast to the LA airport.  With neither of us driving, we were able to look around more.  So, when we hit norther Ventura, and saw all the surfers riding sweet waves with their RVs parked right on the sand, we asked ourselves, Why are we going all the way to Central America to surf, when we can do it right here?   (Well, the answer ended up being for the: warmer water, fried plantains with breakfast, monkeys in the trees, wild-never-ending-bus-rides, hot-springing with the locals, mini-crabs crawling across our cheap hotel room which was well worth the nearby surf break, cute Costa Rican kids, and fresh Costa Rican coffee.)
Nevertheless, we vowed to come surfing there as soon as we got back.  Well, that was 3 years ago, and we finally made it this summer!  Woo-hoo for swiftness! 
Our first night's stay was on the rocky part of the beach, the second night we moved and got a sandy beach spot.  Score!

 Michael and I would take turns watching Avi play on the beach while the other surfed.  That surfer on the outside is Michael looking for the next set.

We got a campsite right on the water and sand.  It was gorgeous, fun, relaxing, and Avi loved it.  We will definitely be going there again!

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