Friday, February 20, 2009


Baby's first kick!

Last Monday, February 16th, I felt the COOLEST feeling of my entire life - I felt another human being move inside of me! This happened when I was in a total state of relaxation while visiting the acupuncturist*. Laying on the table, letting the needles do their voodoo work, I felt something inside that was "different". For the last couple of weeks, maybe even months, I had been feeling "things" but I just thought it was my body growing and readjusting. Well, this time it was an unmistakable punch! It was like the baby took her elbow and poked the side of my lower abdomen as to say "hi". Then I felt another movement, this was more like a gurgle - she must have been rolling over.

Since that day, I have felt her every couple of hours or so! It is so cool: you are just doing some menial everyday task when all-of-a-sudden you feel life inside of you move - it really has a way of putting things into perspective. Michael can put his hand over my belly and feel her she is that strong!

Men: you really are missing out on this one. This feeling is unlike any other sensation you could imagine. I think you would readily trade in 6-24 hours of labor for the opportunity to feel this just for a few hours.

*I found out just a couple of months ago that acupuncture is GREAT for pregnancy and baby's health. I really do believe it is. Every time I have an appointment, I feel so relaxed afterwards. Acupuncture can even be used to induce a late baby. I have a friend who was worked on in Herb Kandel's office, started contractions there, and had the baby 8 hours later. This was after she was already past her due date and was facing medical interventions.

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