Monday, February 16, 2009


Today the craving was pomegranate seeds.  Last month it was milk.  Tonight it was steak, but then once it was in front of me I wasn't so hungry for it.  No, no cravings for pickles and ice cream yet (at least not together).  

Another funny thing is when I will be having a conversation with someone and they say a word that is also food.  Like last night, my husband was talking about his cousin, Caesar, and I had a strong desire to eat a Caesar salad!  Be careful what you say around me!

The pregnant body is picky and particular.  But, I must admit, it is fun having an excuse to eat ANYTHING at ANYTIME without having to worry about people questioning it!

I've always loved the ruby red color of pomegranate seeds.  While eating some this afternoon, I had to test out our macro lens and take a picture.  18 seconds after this picture was taken, the seeds were in my mouth.  Yummy.

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  1. Maren, you know what goes great with those Pomegranate seeds? Printed screenshots of Project Foundry! The combination will satisfy any craving;)